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About the Independent Music Roundtable

Guerrilla Marketing and Cyber Promotion tipsMy name is Lee Micai and I started the Independent Music Roundtable (IMR) about 2 years ago (2006) in Central New Jersey.

Initially the IMR was created as a gathering for local artists and bands to Network, Gig Swap and Create New Opportunities for their music. The meetings were held at the 449 Room, in Trenton, NJ (a local music venue).

Sadly the 449 Room closed its doors in January 08’. This is where you come in….

My philosophy is “Let’s Work Together for a Change!!

Keeping that in mind, each meeting I supply handouts and articles I write or find online. While searching for a new venue to hold the local meeting at, I said to myself, “Self, I bet there are other bands and artists who might find this stuff useful too!” So, I decided to start this blog to share all the information I write or stumble upon (pun is intentional).

I encourage you to take a look at my “Be a Guest Blogger!” page and consider registering to become a contributor and share your point of view about the every changing Music Industry.

If you have questions, suggestions or requests, please let me know. You may use the form on the Contact Page or, send me an email to info [at]

About Me

I knew my true calling early on in life and picked up my first pair of drumsticks when I was 11. I always had a passion for the business side, which was why I was the guy in the band who did the “business stuff”. I attended Shenandoah Conservatory of Music with a major in Commercial Music and a minor in Jazz Percussion.

Since 1999 I’ve worked as a Web Designer and Brand Management Consultant. In 2004 I started 4M Web Design, a web design firm focused on designing affordable websites for bands and businesses. In 2006, I expanded 4M Web Design into a new venture, Porkpie Publicity, specifically tailored for independent musicians, bands and record labels.

Currently I am the drummer for Groove Pocket as well as the band leader, where I had the opportunity to share the stage with The Baha Men (Who Let the Dog Out), The Coasters, Fighting Gravity, 2 Skinnee J’s, The Ernies, Sev and Innasense.

I currently live in New Jersey with my wife and twin sons.

Some notes on Advertising

This entire blog is about helping independent musicians and bands. I’ve personally used all of the products that advertise on this site as well as bought all of the books and DVD’s to help me reach my music goals and offer them as a resource to you.

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