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Step 3 – What Shouldn’t my website include?

Written by Admin on March 12, 2008 – 9:51 am -


Black is probably the worst color to use as a background for text, but it looks really cool and we’re METAL! Save it…There’s a reason newspapers and books use white backgrounds with black lettering!

Having a dark background behind your text makes your pages hard to read PERIOD! I have trouble reading white text on a black background and I’m definitely not alone and don’t even think about red text!

Dark text on a light colored background will insure that everyone can read your pages with ease.

Uncommon Fonts

There are only a few safe web fonts that all visitors can see: Arial, Arial Black, Comic Sans, Courier, Courier New, Georgia, Impact, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS and Verdana. This means you’re probably the only one that can see the cool spray paint font you just used. Also, choose a font size that is at least 10pt.

Make it something that you can easily read yourself.

Flash Intros

No, no, no!!! Although they may be cool to look at once, Flash Intros get really old if you have to see them every time that you visit that particular site. Plus, most people don’t have a broad bandwidth and can’t even enjoy the flash because it takes so damn long to load! The same can be said for Java Applets and Animations.

Don’t do it! You’ll loose current visitors and potential fans!

A little flash header or side accent is ok, but NEVER use flash for your navigation. I cannot stand when a go to a site just to look at some recent pictures, or to listen to a song from a band and have to wait for the navigation to load. I just leave and forget about the damn band!

Flash also makes it impossible for the search engines (such as Google and Yahoo) to find your Website because they just see the code for the flash movie instead of actual text.

Entry / Splash Pages

Like flash intro pages, Entry pages are equally as counter-productive. An entry page is a huge Band Photo which takes 3 minutes to load only to cleverly offer you to “click here to enter.” Most visitors will leave before it loads and as a result, will never have the ability to enter your site to learn about how great of a band you are. I know I most certainly leave when I see one of these monstrosities loading! It’s almost frightening!

Entries are for buildings, not Websites.

Automatic Music Players

You know when the music starts as soon as the page opens. Remember you never know where a visitor of you web site is located when they access your sight. They might be at work, or it may be 1am in the morning while the kids are sleeping. Having music screaming from the computer is usually frowned upon and quite terrifying. I know there are a few bands that are going to get a bill from me for new boxers.

Seriously, let your visitors decided when to listen to your music. Trust me, they will!

Step 4 “Some Other Considerations” tomorrow!!

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